María Ángeles Ferrer


María Ángeles Ferrer Forés is one of the most prestigious musicologists and music pedagogues of Spain, “Acción Magistral” Award by FAD-UNESCO-BBVA (2010) and Rome Prize from the Ministry of Foreign Affairs (2018-2019). Born in Palma de Majorca, Spain, she is PhD in Musicology awarded by the University of Salamanca (2005). She made her postgraduate academic degree at University of Salamanca and University of London, Royal Holloway College (1996-1998). She has the Musicology Degree (1996) and History of Art Degree (1996) at University of Salamanca. She also has a Master’s Degrees in piano (1992), singing (2000), music composition (2000) and music theory (2001), with the highest qualifications, at the Balearic Islands, Salamanca and Seville Conservatories of Music. She is Music Professor in Secondary Education at Madrid (1998-current), Music Associated Professor at University of Valladolid (2008-2012), Music Associated Professor at UDIMA, Universidad a Distancia de Madrid (2012-2014) and Music Professor at UNIR, Universidad Internacional de La Rioja (2011-2015).

Considered one of the best music professors of Spain, she is the author of some educational resources for students and teachers of Primary Education (collection VUVUZELA, 12 books, 2022), Secondary Education Música and Educación Plástica, Visual y Audiovisual (AEON Editorial, 12 books, 2020)Dando la nota (Hit the note), published by Pearson (35 books, 18 CDs and 14 CD-ROM in 2010, 2009 with numerous editions, best-seller in Spain), Music Exedra Project published by Oxford University Press (9 books and 8 CD in 2005, 2004, 2003), Tosca by Giacomo Puccini (Salamanca University Press, 2007), History of Art Guide for Bachellors (Aralia XXI Editions, 2016), Plastic Guides for Secondary Education (4 books, Aralia XXI Editions, 2018, 2017) and more than one hundred articles, proceedings of national and international conferences and concert program notes. She is a member of the organization of the Ibiza International Piano Competition and the Ibiza International Piano Competition, ACE, CEDRO, SGAE and Parlamento Mundial de Educación (PAME). As a musicologist, writer, singer and pianist, she has an extensive scientific and artistic production. It is a world specialist singer in the Medieval masterpiece “The Song of the Sibyl” (UNESCO Intangible Cultural Heritage).

She has offered recitals as singer and pianist at festivals including “Classics of XXIst Century” at Fundación Juan March, Ibiza International Music Festival, Mozart Festival with the Balearics Symphony Orchestra at Auditorium of Palma de Majorca, Contemporary Scene Festival “Círculo de Bellas Artes” Madrid, Salamanca Contemporary Music International Festival, Seville Opera Festival, Cordoba Sensxperiment Festival, Valencia Nits d’Art d’Aielo Festival, Alcalá de Henares Cathedral International Organ Festival, Siena Accademia dei Rozzi (Italy), Würzburg Residence (Germany), Esztergom Summer University Festival (Hungary). Since 1985 and every Christmas Eve Mass she performed “El Cant de la Sibil·la” (The Song of the Sibyl), UNESCO Intangible Cultural Heritage at Sant James church in Palma de Majorca (Spain). Her performance is expected with the greatest expectation. As a worldwide specialist in performing the Medieval masterpiece “The Song of the Sibyl”, she has sung in concerts and explained in congresses around Spain, Portugal, Ireland, United Kingdom and Turkey.


2021: Career Officer of the Body of Music Professors of Secondary Education
Ministry of Education

2005: Musicology PhD
University of Salamanca

2001: Master’s Degree in Music Theory and Music Language
Music Conservatory of Seville

2001: Master’s Degree of Salamanca on Musicology
University of Salamanca

2000: Master’s Degree in Harmony, Counterpoint, Composition and Instrumentation
Music Conservatory of Salamanca

2000: Diploma Singing Teacher
Music Conservatory of Salamanca

1998: Music teacher in Secondary Education
Spanish Education Office

1996 – 1998: PhD courses
University of Salamanca and University of London

1996: Degree in Musicology
University of Salamanca

1996: Degree in History of Art
University dof Salamanca

1992: Diploma Piano Teacher
Music Conservatory of the Balearic Islands